Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Everything's All Right"

NEW YORK—The Psychic Envelopes have released their new single, "Everything's All Right!"

The Envelopes cowrote "E.A.R." with Team Knucklehead back in 1994 (some sources say ’93) in an apartment on West 105th Street.

The song was forgotten for over a decade. Earlier this year, while the Envelopes were cleaning out the closet, they found a notebook containing some intriguing scraps: "I keep yelling at you, 'We don't have to fight.'"

Memory kicked in; those days on 105th Street suddenly came to life. The Envelopes recalled that these scrawls had eventually become a song, but it was never recorded, and no complete set of lyrics could be found.

Team Knucklehead was contacted and was able to dig up a (dot-matrix) printed copy of the words, including chords, which the Team had typed out upon returning to Little Rock back in ’94. This was enough to enable them to piece together and record a version (hopefully soon to be officially available on the Team Knucklehead Myspace page), on which the Psychic Envelopes duet version is based.

The only other song written during that session—now over a dozen years in the past—is "Mr. Wrongchange," a poignant air about never having the right number of coins when making a purchase, forcing Mr. W. to break large bills and tote the correspondingly heavier change around town.

"Everything's All Right!" features the vocals of new Envelopes singer Sarah. Also up on the Myspace page for a limited time is another rare P.E. cover: "Any Way That You Want Me," by the Troggs.

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