Thursday, October 18, 2007

Psychic Envelopes announce free download of entire 'Cryspace' album

October 18—The new Psychic Envelopes album, Cryspace, will be available for free download, a spokesperson for the band announced last night. "All of the tracks will be available at some point over the next few weeks on the band's Myspace page," he said. "Currently, 'Berlin Wall,' 'Winter Losses,' the demo version of 'Something Happened,' and the cover of 'Any Way That You Want Me' are up, and the selection will change every few days until all the songs have been offered."

Although most of the tracks have been put on the page before, the group promises to include demos, covers, and other rarities. The "entire Cryspace experience," according to the spokesperson, "consists of 20, 22 tracks, maybe 25." It's "open-ended," he added.

"We're very excited," said E.P., who had been hovering around the proceedings incognito, dressed like a fumigator.

Watch this space for a complete track listing.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Right through the heart

From the archives: E.P. on P.E.'s "Raleigh"

I should explain that my iPod has no volume control, so if a song plays too loud, I can either fast-forward to the next track, or take off the headphones until the noise subsides.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

"Berlin Wall"

"Berlin Wall" was the final song recorded in the same late August '07 session, featuring crystalline Sarah vocals and yielding "Everything's All Right!," assorted covers, and "Something Happened."

Q: What's the story with the music?
A: The backing track had been composed many months earlier, featuring two ukuleles, two keyboard lines, and a completely different melody and set of lyrics. (The only bit that survived is the bridge.)
Q: Anything else you want to tell us?
A: The male vocals were rerecorded in mid-October. A snippet of guitar was added to the coda as well.